The first item in this section is a fascinating contemporary account of life in Hantsport and a career at sea written by Capt. John William Holmes 1828-1918.

An Account of My Life by Capt John William Holmes 1828-1918

The next item is based on a biography of Capt. Joseph Farish Burton 1838-1910 written by his wife Emma (Davison) who accompanied him on many voyages. It highlights the dangers and long periods of isolation as well as giving a firsthand observation of life ashore and at sea.

Biography of Capt. Joseph Farish Burton 1838-1910

Three letters from Capt. Henry Watson Lawrence dated 1880, 1881 and 1884 to his wife Clara (Churchill) at home in Hantsport contrasts the perils of life at sea with the sometimes humorous musings of a young captain separated for long periods from his wife and family.

Letters Home from Capt. Henry Watson Lawrence 1850-1885

Other stories:

J. B. North 1825-1907

Wreck of the G. B. Lockhart 1906

Mutiny on the Bounty

A Salute to the Tug Boat Otis Wack

Capt. Alexander Ramsay 1909-1982

Frank Edward Newcomb – A Hantsport Hero of World War II

Avon River Lighthouses

Here is an audio excerpt from a 1975 interview with Miss Bicco Davison where she speaks about swimming as a child in the Avon River and the wreck of La Glora, captained by her father Charles Davison with her mother on board and their rescue.