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This section shows you the features on the main page and how they work.

You can use the following image as a reference.

A. This is the Table that shows information added to the database.


Section C as seen in the image is a navigation bar that can be used to cycle through all items in the table. By pressing the left arrow, the previous page will be displayed and by pressing the right arrow the next page will be displayed. Also, the numbers in the middle can be pressed to show a specific page. By pressing the last number, it will take you to the last page.

Types of Tables

As seen in section D there are four Buttons that can be pressed. Item Table, Location Table, Contributor Table, and Image Table.  By default, you start by seeing the Item Table. These buttons can be pressed to show information regarding their named topic.

Here are some details for each.

Item Table: The default table. It displays all recorded Items and their location along with an image.

Location Table: This table displays all recorded locations. Locations can be further described in section How to add information subsection adding a location.

Contributor Table: This table displays all recorded Contributors. Contributors can be further described in section How to add information subsection adding a Contributor.

Image Table: This Table displays all recorded Images.


A Useful feature that can be used on the main page is the look-up feature. This can be seen in section B of the image. There are four search bars that correspond to the four tables Item, Location, Contributor, and Image. By typing information into one or more of the search options and pressing the Look Up button it will show you a table with the found results.

How to Add Items to the Different Tables

As seen to the left in section E of the image, there are four buttons. Add Item, Add Location, Add Contributor, and Add Image. As suggested, when pressed you are taken to a form that allows you to add information. Based on the button pressed well determine what table the information will be added to as well as what information is needed to submit the form. To better understand.

Add Item: Adds information to Item Table

Add Location: Adds information to Location Table

Add Contributor: Adds information to Contributor Table

Add Image: Adds information to Image Table

For more information on forms go to section How to Add Information

How to Look at Items

As seen in section F of the image. There is a column of numbers, each number corresponds to an item, Location, Contributor, or image depending on what table you have selected. The numbers can be pressed. When pressed it will take you to a new page where you can see more in-depth information regarding the selected record.

For more information regarding the image viewing page go to section Changing Information.

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