Login and Upload Videos

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2021-01-28 – To login to our Society’s Youtube Channel


To get on your youtube channel, you have to log onto your hantsportareahistoricalsociety@gmail.com google account on youtube.

If you aren’t signed into that account, you can switch to that account by clicking the top right corner icon and clicking “Switch account”. This will take you to a list of accounts you have previously used to sign in.

If you’ve never signed in with the right account on the computer you’re using, you’ll need to add your account to the list. Click “add account” and follow the instructions to sign in. They will ask for your gmail and the password to your gmail account.

To get to your channel, click the top right corner icon and “Your channel”

To upload a video, either click the camera button in the top right or click “Youtube studio”

If you click youtube studio you press the “Create” button and the “upload videos” button to upload a video.

If you click the camera button, it will give you this menu. Click “Upload video”. This will bring you to this page in the Youtube Studio.

There will be this pop-up where you can select the files you want to upload from your computer.

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Login and Upload Videos

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