Mayor Claims Lack of Co-operation, Resigns

HANTSPORT, March 6/52 – Stemming from vandalism last Hallowe’en, Mayor Burpee T. Smith, resigned at a meeting of Town Council when he claimed that members of the Council were not giving him co-operation as evidenced by refusal to accept his ruling.

On Hallowe’en night, two blue spruce trees on the lawn of Town Clerk D. M. Frittenburg were chopped down and a fence on the mayor’s property was also wrecked. Just prior to this incident, town officials, it is said, had been pressing for payment of poll tax arrears.

Requests Prosecution

Subsequently, Council empowered the mayor to take measures dealing with the apprehension of those responsible and later, with Town Police and R.C.M.P. on the job, His Worship secured circumstantial evidence on which he requested the Council to take action toward prosecution.

At the Council meeting Tuesday night, Bruce McDade, Hantsport lawyer, was given permission to address Council on behalf of a client. He demanded that the mayor resign.

After some discussion, His Worship declared that nothing could be accomplished for the benefit of the Town without the fullest co-operation between the Mayor and Councillors.

Deputy Mayor T. W. Wells then took over the chair and the resignation of the mayor was accepted.

An election, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation, will be held in the near future. Mayor Smith was re-elected for a two-year term by acclamation last December.

Hantsport Town Council Minutes provide additional details

4 Dec 1951
4 Mar 1952
Mrs. Burpee T. Smith, Mrs. C.S. Chesley, Mrs. Ben Alexander, Mrs. Foster Ainsworth, Mrs. Lovitt Bishop
HHS Newspaper Clipping Collection – Mrs. Ethel Hart

HANTSPORT — D. M. Frittenburg, who has served under four mayors as Hantsport’s Town Clerk and treasurer, has watched the town’s population grow from 750 in 1949 to 1,500 in 1959.

Just as the town’s population has increased so have Mr. Frittenburg’s duties.

The cost of operating the town in 1930 was $28,000. Today it runs as high as $126,000. The assessment for many years was held at $350,000. Last year its amounted to $1,236,000.

Mr. Frittenburg said the establishment of new industries in the area has boosted the town’s economy.

Housing is one of the main problems facing the town today. This is due to the rapid increase in population. Many new homes have been built in the past 10 years in an effort to ease the situation.

Mr. Frittenburg has had a long business career. Born in Lunenburg, he attended school there and studied at international business schools in Toronto. After 28 years as an accountant with George H. Yeaton and Son, Hantsport, he took over his present duties.

In addition to being Town Clerk and treasurer, Mr. Frittenburg is also secretary of the school board and water department, a justice of the peace, a commissioner for the Nova Scotia Supreme Court and registrar of births and deaths.

He feels the “town of industries” has much to be thankful for. Full employment the year round, is one of the many advantages the town enjoys.

Between 93 and 94 per cent of the annual taxes are collected. Reserves are set aside for a new fire station which will be fully paid for when completed.

For some years Mr. Frittenburg was assisted by Miss Brenda Patten as secretary. When she married her position was taken over by Eric Smith.

Mr. Frittenburg is married to the former Annie Smith of Hantsport. They have three daughters.  (1 son)

He is an active member of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Poyntz Masonic Lodge, Number 44; Hantsport Board of Trade and is on the board of the Victorian Order of Nurses.