McAlpine’s Nova Scotia Directory, 1890-97. Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Each County, and a Separate Directory of the Cities and Provincial Towns. Also a Directory of the Magdalen Islands and St. Pierre de Miquelon. A Business Directory of All Advertisers and Subscribers, with an Appendix of Useful Information and Indexes. — Halifax : D. McAlpine & Son, [1890?]. 1502 p. — Printed by Nova Scotia Printing Co.

Hants County
Andrews John, mate, Hantsport
Balcolm W. C., jewelry, Hantsport
Barker Geo. M., sea captain, Hantsport
Barker G. J. sea captain, Hantsport
Barker James L., rigger, Hantsport
Barker K. H., sea captain, Hantsport
Barker Mrs. Louisa, Hantsport
Beazley Jesse, sailmaker, Hantsport
Benjamin Amos, ship carpenter, Hantsport
BENT D. A., grocer, Hantsport
Bezanson Joseph, joiner, Hantsport
Bezanson Otis, boat builder, Mnt. Denson
Borden Mrs. John, undertaker, Hantsport
Borden Joseph E., carpenter, Hantsport
Borden Mrs. Mary, Hantsport
Borden William, carpenter, Hantsport
Brown E. R., station agent, Hantsport
Burgess Sylvancus, machinist, Hantsport
Carrol John, carpenter, Hantsport
CARTER BROS., gen dealers, Hantsport
Carter Frederick, engine driver, Hantsport
Chandler William, mariner, Mount Denson
Chipman F. W., of E. Churchill & Sons, Hantsport
Chisholm Donald, carpenter, Hantsport
Chisholm John, shoemaker, Hantsport
Churchill Ezra, Hantsport
CHURCHILL E. & SONS, ship owners, &c. Hantsport and Walton
CHURCHILL GEO., ship ownr, Hantspt
Churchill G. W., of E. Churchill & Sons, Hantsport
CHURCHILL JNO., ship ownr, Hantspt
CHURCHILL J. R. F., dry gds, Hantspt
Churchill J. W., of E. Churchill & Sons, Hantsport
Coade Jas., railway employee, Mt. Denson
Coalfleet Mrs. Abel, Hantsport
Coalfleet Edward, mariner, Hantsport
Coalfleet John, mariner, Hantsport
Coalfleet Peter, shipwright, Hantsport
Cochran Charles, boiler maker, Hantsport
Cochran Henry, farmer, Mount Denson
Coffel Mrs. Harris, Hantsport
Coffin Ezra, caulker, Hantsport
Colby Warren, farmer, Hantsport
COMSTOCK GEO. D., grocer, Hantsport
Comstock, John, machinist, Hantsport
Comstock, Rufus, blacksmith, Hantsport
Comstock, William, blacksmith, Hantsport
Coon Edward, trckman, Hantsport
Coyle Daniel, laborer, Hantsport
CRAVEN SCOTT, saddler, Hantsport
Crossley Edward, seaman, Mount Denson
DALTON E. W., propr. American House, Hantsport
Daniels Asa, engineer, Hantsport
Davison Mrs. Asa, Hantsport
Davison Charles, sea captain, Hantsport
Davison Cyrus, sea captain, Hantsport
Davison D. D., farmer, Mount Denson
Davison Edwd., sea captain, Hantsport
DAVISON HARRY, books and stationery, Hantsport
Davison John, ship carpenter, Hantsport
Davison Robt., sea captain, Hantsport
DAVISON MRS. WALTER, stationery etc., Hantsport
Davison Mrs. Wm., Hantsport
Davison Wilmot, sea captain, Hantsport
DICKIE THOS. B., tinsmith, Hantsport
Dorman James D., ship carpt., Hantsport
Eagles _, farmer, Mount Denson
EARL ROBT., pres’dt, Hantsport Foundry and Machine Co., Hantsport
Faulkner D. J., sea capt., Hantsport
Ferguson Geo., carpenter, Hantsport
FISH JOSEPH, grocer, Hantsport
Fitch David, shoemaker, Hantsport
FOLKER JOHN, variety, Hantsport
Folker Wm., sea captain, Hantsport
Fritz Joseph, mariner, Hantsport
Fritz Mrs. Joseph, variety, Hantsport
Frizzle John, blacksmith, Hantsport
Greeno Morton, ship carpenter, Hantsport
HANTSPORT FOUNDRY AND MACHINE CO. Ltd., mfg. Of Mill and General Machinery, Hantsport.
HANTSPORT HOTEL, Jas. Wall, Pro., Hantsport. See adv p. 770

Harvey Isaac, ship carpenter, Hantsport
Holmes William, farmer, Hantsport
Holmes Whitman, farmer, Hantsport
Hueston Geo., mariner, Hantsport
Huff H. M. miner, Hantsport
Jackson Robert, farmer, Mount Denson
Johnson James P., farmer, Mount Denson
Johnston Geo. D., ship carpr, Hantsport
Knox James, ship carpenter, Mt. Denson
Lake Mrs. George, Mount Denson
Lantz Leonard, carpenter, Hantsport
Lavers Geo., f’rman of pat’n shop, Hantsport
Lawrence Albert, sea captain, Hantsport
Lawrence Charles, farmer, Hantsport
Lawrence J. W., cust. officer, Hantsport
Lawrence Mrs. M. A., Hantsport
Layton Andrew, farmer, Mount Denson
Layton John, farmer, Mount Denson
Layton J. N., sea captain, Mount Denson
Lynch Frank, sea captain, Hantsport
LYNCH MRS. FRANK, propriotoress, Evangeline House, Hantsport
Lynch Henry P., mechanic, Mount Denson
Lynch William, farmer, Mount Denson
Lyons Augustus, farmer, Mount Denson
Malcolm S. J., sea captain, Hantsport
MARGESON C. J., physician, Hantsport
Martin Benjamin, farmer, Mount Denson
Martin D. H., joiner, Hantsport
MARTIN JOSEPH, gen d’ler, Hantsport
Martin Milton H., mechanic, Hantsport
Martin R. N., sea captain, Hantsport
Masters Thomas, sea captain, Hantsport
Masters T. C., sea captain, Hantsport
McCabe Daniel, carpenter, Hantsport
McCabe John A., joiner, Hantsport
McCuish Daniel, carpenter, Hantsport
McCulloch William, sea cptn, Hantsport
McDonald Andrew, mariner, Hantsport
McDonald Ralph, boiler maker, Hantsport
McEACHERN JOHN L., t’lor, Hantsport
McGREGOR REV. PETER S., baptist, Hantsport
McKinlay T. W., free stone miner, Mount Denson
Miller Geo. J., teacher, Hantsport
Mitchener Mrs. A., confect’ry, Hantsport
Mitchener Alonzo, sea captain, Mt. Denson
Mitchener Dunb., sea captain, Hantsport
Mitchener Elizah, farmer, Mount Denson
Mitchener Ezra, truckman, Hantsport
Mitchener Harvey, sea captain, Hantsport
Mitchener Lorenzo, baker, Hantsport
Mitchener Rodman, carpenter, Hantsport
MITCHENER SILAS, grocer, Hantsport
Mitchener Simeon, shoemaker, Hantsport
Morgan Thos., iron knee fastn., Hantsport
Morrison Angus, engineer, Hantsport
MOUNCE F. & Co., fertilizers, &c., Hantsport
Mumford J. A., machinist, Hantsport
Newcombe A., blacksmith, Hantsport
NEWCOMBE J. E., general dealer, &c., Hantsport
NORTH J. B., ship bld’r, &c., Hantsport
OPELEKA REMEDIES CO., (Ltd)., mfg Patent Medicines, Hantsport
Parker Frederick C., carpenter, Hantsport
Parker Hiram, carpenter, Hantsport
Parker Horatio, blacksmith, Hantsport
Parker Terence, blacksmith, Hantsport
PARSONS B., Sec. Hantsport Foundry and Machine Company, Hantsport
Parsons Nelson, ship carpenter, Hantsport
Patterson Charles, farmer, Hantsport
PELTON LEARD, tanner, Hantsport
PENTZ FREDERICK E., drug., Hntspt.
Pentz George, farmer, Mount Denson
Porter Abel B., carpenter, Hantsport
PORTER WM. A., gen dealer, Hantsport

Potter Mrs. Harriet, Hantsport
PULLEN JAMES H., patent medicines, Hantsport
Pulsifer Judson, farmer, Hantsport
RATHBURN & CO., clock makers, Hantsport
Reid Mrs. Joanna, farmer, Hantsport
Reid John, mariner, Hantsport
Reid Lewis, mariner, Hantsport
RILEY ALBERT, grocer, Hantsport
Riley Mrs. Edward, Hantsport
Riley Frederick, painter, Hantsport
Robinson Andw., farmer, Hantsport
ROBINSON REV. P. H., meth, Hantspt.
Robinson Wm. H., tres agent, Hantsport
Rogers Geo., ship carpenter, Hantsport
Salter Wm. B., carpenter, Hantsport
Schunaman S. P., farmer, Mount Denson
Scott Geo. E., farmer, Mount Denson
Scott James, farmer, Mount Denson
Scott Joseph, farmer, Mount Denson
Shaw Miss Alice M., post miss, Hantsport
Shaw Byron, sea captain, Mount Denson
Shaw Chas., sea captain, Hantsport
Shaw Edward, farmer, Mount Denson
SHAW EDWARD B., boots and shoes, Hantsport
Shaw G. W., (A.’s son) fmr, Mt. Denson
Shaw Herbert, farmer, Mount Denson
Shaw Isaiah, farmer, Mount Denson
Shaw James, farmer, Mount Denson
Shaw Joseph, farmer, Mount Denson
Shaw Judson, farmer, Mount Denson
Shaw Leaniler, clerk, Hantsport
Shaw Mrs. Mary, post miss, Mt. Denson
Shaw Newton, farmer, Mount Denson
Shaw William A., farmer, Mount Denson
Silver Francis, ship carpenter, Hantsport
Smith Albert, farmer, Mount Denson
Smith Alfred, sea captain, Mount Denson
Smith Edwd., sea captain, Mount Denson
Smith Edward P., painter, Hantsport
Smith Richard, hair dresser, Hantsport
Smith Thomas M., painter, Hantsport
SPICER ISAAC, plaining mill, Hantsport
States, George, farmer, Mount Denson
States, John, farmer, Hantsport
Stevens J. E., of J. Stevens & Co., Hants’t
STEVENS JAMES & CO., tanners, Hantsport
Stevens Mrs. Mary, farmer, Hantsport
Stoddart Miss Ann, farmer, Mount Denson
Sullivan James, mason, Hantsport
Sutherland, Thomas G., mason, Hantsport
Sutherland, William, contractor, Mt. Den’s
Sweet Edward F., blacksmith, Hantsport
Sweet Harvey, farmer, Hantsport
Taylor John A., J. P., Hantsport
Terfry Silas H., mate, Hantsport
Thorpe John L., ship carpenter, Hantsport
Toye James M., carpenter, Hantsport
Toye John A., sea captain, Hantsport
Trenholm Mrs. Jean, farm, Hantsport
Walker Robt, carpenter, Hantsport
WALL JAMES, Pro. Hantsport Hotel, Hantsport
Walley Joseph, sea captain, Hantsport
Westcott Andrew, butcher, Hantsport
White Edwin, ship carpenter, Hantsport
Woolaver John B., mechanic, Hantsport

Kings County
Allen James B., farmer, Lockhartville
Alley Edward, farmer, Lockhartville
Ashmore George, farmer, Hantsport
Atwell Nathan, farmer, Lockhartville
Bailey Alexander, farmer, Hantsport
Barker Aubrey, carpenter, Hantsport
Barker George, sea captain, Lockhartville
Beckwith Thomas, farmer, Lockhartville
Beckwith William, farmer, Bishopville
Bowlby A. W., farmer, Lockhartville
Carty Wm., farmer, Lockhartville
Dorman David, farmer, Lockhartville
Duncanson Stephen, farmer, Lockhartville
Fitzgerald John, farmer, Lockhartville
Fitzgerald Nathan, farmer, Lockhartville
Harvie Edmund, farmer, Lockhartville
Harvie Nicholas, farmer, Lockhartville
Harvie Robert, farmer, Lockhartville
Hollis Martin, farmer, Lockhartville
Hutchison, David, farmer, Lockhartville
Hutchison, George, farmer, Lockhartville
Hutchinson Walter, farmer, Lockhartville
Jackson Benjamin, farmer, Lockhartville
Jenks Marshall, farmer, Lockhartville
King John W., tanner, Lockhartville
Loman Charles, farmer, Lockhartville
Lockhart Albert, sea captain, Lockhartville
Lockhart Ephraim, farmer, Lockhartville
Lockhart Ephm., sea captain, Lockhartville
Lockhart Geo. L., farmer, Lockhartville
Lockhart Harris, farmer, Lockhartville
McInnis Donald, farmer, Lockhartville
Mitchener Elisha, farmer, Mount Denson
Nason Benj., farmer, Lockhartville
Norman Eldridge, farmer, Lockhartville
Riley Thomas, farmer, Mt. Denson
Salter Henry, farmer, Lockhartville
Shaw Benjamin, farmer, Lockhartville
Smith David, farmer, Lockhartville
Smith Henry, farmer, Lockhartville
Smith Joshua, sea captain, Lockhartville
Smith Stephen, farmer, Lockhartville
Taylor Joseph, farmer, Lockhartville
Webb John, sailmaker, Lockhartville
West Cyrus, farmer, Lockhartville