Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia


Latitude: 45.0917598, Longitude: -64.3598354


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Betty Lou  1938Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I16024
2 Arnold, Perry Borden  1935Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I16029
3 Atwell, Gary Delorn  Abt 1945Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2564
4 Atwell, Gordon Perry  3 Sep 1948Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2551
5 Barkhouse, Clement Howard  Abt 1937Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9428
6 Barkhouse, Louise Marie  Abt 1931Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I7781
7 Benjamin, Maxine Mae  1 Oct 1937Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15963
8 Best, Fred  April 5 1931Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2790
9 Bishop, Marianne Jean  Abt 1946Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1646
10 Borden, Charles Frederick  19 Dec 1865Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14089
11 Burgher, Neil Eric  Abt 1943Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3086
12 Burton, John Frederick  Abt 1940Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I875
13 Chase, Thomas R. P.  Aug 1864Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15211
14 Clowry, Marion Frances  31 Dec 1950Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10986
15 Coldwell, Carolyn May  Abt 1947Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9522
16 Coldwell, Nathan Edwin  1 Jan 1859Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3475
17 Cook, Jean Eleanor May  Abt 1934Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5445
18 Coyle, Edward L.  Abt 1863Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13181
19 Crowell, Harry Margeson  Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2522
20 Crowell, Mildred Estelle  Abt 1906Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2518
21 Davidson, Mona Margaret  Abt 1902Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I12273
22 Delahunt, Marjorie Jean  Abt 1907Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9012
23 Delahunt, Mildred Annie  Abt 1902Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I12567
24 Denne, William Russell  16 Jun 1957Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3782
25 Dewar, Wayne Lovett  Abt 1940Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1901
26 Duncan, Lewis John  29 Jan 1949Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15818
27 Duncan, Lillian Daisy  30 Aug 1924Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15800
28 Duncan, Marguerite Jennifer  21 Feb 1954Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15819
29 Duncanson, Gladys Muriel  Abt 1904Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8623
30 Eagles, Russell Jehiel  23 Apr 1905Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15889
31 Eye, James Phillip  Abt 1877Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I16864
32 Fielding, George Herbert  Abt 1929Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9057
33 Fielding, Octavia Hayward  Abt 1927Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8854
34 Fielding, Phillip Duncanson  29 Apr 1931Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8624
35 Folker, Vicki Paulette  17 Jun 1954Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1111
36 Forsythe, Judith Ann  17 Mar 1941Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8379
37 Fuller, R. John  Abt 1942Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8164
38 Graham, Robie  Feb 1876Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15039
39 Hancock, Chesley Earl  19 Aug 1922Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10949
40 Hancock, Lloyd Earl  27 Mar 1944Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11208
41 Harris, David Lawrence Ashely  1950Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3269
42 Harris, Gladys Geraldine  Abt 1919Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5904
43 Harris, Shirley Ann  1945Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8080
44 Harvey, Lynda Marlene  7 Jun 1949Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4650
45 Henshaw, Ralph Manning  Abt 1953Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4808
46 Hines, Gladys Mildred  Abt 1907Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6873
47 Holmes, Jane Elizabeth  Abt 1953Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1688
48 Hughes, Eric William  1 Oct 1942Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8077
49 Irvine, Doris Helen  Abt 1920Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9134
50 Irvine, Gregory Lewis  Abt 1956Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9139

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amerault, Linda Mary  1 Dec 1967Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9426
2 Atwell, Dorothy Melvina  15 Sep 1992Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3155
3 Barkhouse, Foster Milton  12 Oct 1971Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11782
4 Beaver, Mary Jane  1973Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6098
5 Beazley, Daisy Veronica  21 Jun 2002Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6486
6 Beck, Doris  28 Jul 1992Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6589
7 Bishop, Leonore May  10 Aug 2006Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1624
8 Bishop, Lorna Amelia  23 Apr 2002Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2260
9 Bishop, Lovett Grant  31 Mar 2003Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1219
10 Bishop, William Albert  29 Sep 1929Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9861
11 Boyd, Marjorie Alice  22 Jan 1997Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11651
12 Brady, Arthur James  20 Nov 1950Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13719
13 Brownell, Austin Edward  22 Mar 1961Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14120
14 Burgess, Abigail Alena Grace  12 Mar 1956Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1844
15 Coffill, Edith Frances  24 Mar 1994Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15177
16 Coffin, Isabel Laura  13 Jun 1993Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3463
17 Coldwell, Carrie Grace  28 May 1947Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13958
18 Davidson, Elizabeth  21 Apr 1923Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13663
19 Derouin, Denise Murielle  26 Jul 2021Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3414
20 Duncan, Lewis Garfield  21 Feb 1981Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15798
21 Duncanson, Cyril Ronan  2 Jun 1977Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15168
22 Duncanson, Stephen Benjamin  7 Feb 1935Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15166
23 Eaton, Eleanor Ruth  10 Jun 2008Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13265
24 England, Dorothy Leota  18 Jun 2003Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8291
25 Fenton, Vera Helen  21 Apr 2016Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I7111
26 Frizzle, Grace Adelia  2 Aug 1993Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1828
27 Gertridge, Starr Frank  25 Jan 1968Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15890
28 Gollan, Edna Winnifred  20 Jul 2002Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6382
29 Gregg, Dorothy Edna  24 Oct 1994Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1941
30 Guptell, Gladys Mae  5 Mar 2014Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4507
31 Hart, Stephen Wilson  16 Dec 2021Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I290
32 Hatt, Dorothy Ella  24 May 1998Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I12719
33 Hiltz, Marshall Douglas  19 Dec 1998Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4864
34 Holmes, Clarence Courtney  20 Oct 1987Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1678
35 Huntley, Sara Hesper  31 Jan 2000Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5715
36 Hutchinson, David  13 Mar 1917Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13551
37 Hutchinson, Marjorie Gertrude  24 Sep 2013Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5916
38 Hutchinson, Thomas Earl  2 Feb 1940Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11924
39 Langille, Elizabeth Ellen  Oct 1973Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2062
40 Lyttle, Mary Jean  26 Dec 1993Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8245
41 MacCharles, Clarence Milford  20 Feb 2002Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5364
42 MacIntosh, Harry Morton  2 Sep 2018Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4596
43 MacNeil, Michael Neil  21 Nov 2022Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2630
44 Marsters, Mary Anne  27 Jan 2023Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1972
45 Miles, Clara Leotia  6 Mar 1992Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15799
46 Mosher, Eileen Florence  18 Aug 2017Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I7654
47 Muttart, Dr. David Garth  30 Apr 2021Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1905
48 Nash, Emma Louise  2 Jun 2014Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I12775
49 Oickle, Mary  31 May 2001Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I12713
50 Patterson, Annie Susan  5 Apr 1996Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6103

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fitzgerald, Morton Lewis  Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15133
2 Shaw, Lloyd Ethelbert  Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10021


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arnold / Stevens  22 May 1922Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5605
2 Ayer / Parker  6 Oct 1926Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3797
3 Beazley / Spencer  22 Sep 1930Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5682
4 Beckwith / King  16 Sep 1929Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F2097
5 Bishop / Coldwell  12 Nov 1913Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3822
6 Burgher / Aalders  7 Jul 1936Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1031
7 Burton / Parker  24 Jan 1940Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F167
8 Cohoon / Crowell  29 Jun 1925Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F815
9 Coldwell / Lewis  12 May 1927Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F72
10 Dorman / Coldwell  11 Aug 1909Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F4836
11 Dowe / Forsythe  9 Mar 1940Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1337
12 Duncan / Mills  8 Oct 1879Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5518
13 Ellis / Duncan  20 Dec 1882Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5526
14 Ells / Long  14 Nov 1916Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1255
15 Eye / Riley  22 Jul 1937Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5912
16 Forsythe / Lockhart  18 Oct 1940Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5214
17 Gertridge / Schofield  17 Sep 1925Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5551
18 Greenough / Guptell  31 Dec 1915Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F913
19 Hancock / McInnis  23 Nov 1942Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3891
20 Keddy / Spencer  28 Sep 1939Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5478
21 Kenny / MacAulay  1948Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F2740
22 King / Duncan  28 Aug 1878Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5525
23 Lockhart / Macintosh  22 May 1937Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F60
24 Loner / Crossley  3 Nov 1934Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1783
25 Murphy / Norman  22 Mar 1941Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3289
26 Nowlan / Atwell  9 Nov 1898Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1021
27 Oickle / Schofield  31 May 1930Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1448
28 Patten / Walsh  6 Aug 1942Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3766
29 Phillips / Daniel  9 Jul 1924Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F776
30 Pinch / Goler  13 Apr 1936Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5991
31 Porter / Kilcup  31 Jan 1882Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F176
32 Rathburn / Walker  31 May 1922Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5835
33 Rogers / Sweet  26 Feb 1936Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F4285
34 Rogers / Tracey  31 Aug 1938Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F2578
35 Schofield / Croft  6 Apr 1919Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F2297
36 Schofield / Lyons  15 Jun 1921Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F2188
37 Schofield / Tracey  29 Oct 1921Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F2579
38 Schofield / Tracey  11 Nov 1925Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F2583
39 Smith / Weagle  27 Nov 1928Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3031
40 Starratt / Rogers  12 Jun 1940Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F2252
41 Stirling / Tamplin  14 Feb 1923Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1003
42 Thompson / King  23 Nov 1932Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3635
43 Walsh / Davidson  26 Aug 1929Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F4318
44 Wheaton / Lewis Webb  22 Apr 1909Wolfville, Kings, Nova Scotia F87