Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia


Latitude: 45.0833330, Longitude: -64.2166670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Mary Beatrice  29 May 1888Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15002
2 Alley, William Stockwell  29 Jan 1912Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I269
3 Barker, Arthur  22 May 1874Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15188
4 Barker, Ella Nelson  22 Sep 1882Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15191
5 Barker, Herbert  24 Jan 1879Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15190
6 Barker, Mary Ann  9 Feb 1873Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15187
7 Barker, Osee C.  18 Jul 1875Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15189
8 Beckwith, Helen Mary  21 Jun 1907Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2672
9 Berry, Elsie B.  25 Mar 1896Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3759
10 Brown, Walter James  Abt 1901Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3030
11 Caldwell, Capt. Andrew  Sep 1843Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14797
12 Caldwell, Eva  1873Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14801
13 Caldwell, Gertrude  1879Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14804
14 Caldwell, Jedidiah  1877Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14803
15 Caldwell, May  1875Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14802
16 Carty, Edward H.  15 Feb 1885Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15128
17 Carty, Florence Mae  22 Apr 1882Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15127
18 Carty, Minnie E.  3 Mar 1878Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15125
19 Carty, Winnie M.  27 Sep 1873Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15126
20 Dorman, Eva P.  20 Feb 1883Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I7072
21 Dorman, Dr. Oscar Chipman  2 May 1872Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14919
22 Duncanson, Cyril Ronan  23 Feb 1893Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15168
23 Duncanson, Lottie May  10 Feb 1890Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15175
24 Duncanson, Ruby Regina  17 Sep 1896Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15169
25 Duncanson, Stephen Edmund  22 May 1884Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15174
26 Faulkner, William Henry  16 Oct 1900Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13574
27 Fitzgerald, Amos  Nov 1900Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15139
28 Fitzgerald, Bessie  Mar 1910Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15154
29 Fitzgerald, David  Nov 1909Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15143
30 Fitzgerald, Edward  Mar 1903Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15152
31 Fitzgerald, Joseph  Abt 1877Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15600
32 Fitzgerald, Lottie  Jul 1907Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15142
33 Fitzgerald, Mark  Dec 1896Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15144
34 Fitzgerald, Melbourne  26 Aug 1862Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15115
35 Fitzgerald, Morton Lewis  14 Feb 1869Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15133
36 Fitzgerald, Robert  Nov 1902Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15140
37 Fitzgerald, Ruby  Apr 1905Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15141
38 Fitzgerald, Seymour  4 Jan 1901Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4820
39 Fitzgerald, William  May 1906Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15153
40 Fullerton, May Eliza  16 Mar 1860Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10510
41 Graham, Fred  Dec 1904Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15044
42 Graham, George  Aug 1898Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15042
43 Graham, Paul  Jun 1901Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15043
44 Hancock, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1917Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14268
45 Hancock, Miller  Abt 1918Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14270
46 Hancock, Murray Joseph  Abt 1918Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I14269
47 Harvie, Ada Arvilla  10 Jun 1865Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13713
48 Harvie, Edmund Leland  2 Oct 1863Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6473
49 Harvie, Eva Mahala Gertrude  11 Mar 1902Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10947
50 Henshaw, Percy Herbert  4 Jul 1931Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4794

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Emmeline S.  9 Jan 1919Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15123
2 Barker, Arthur  24 Sep 1875Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15188
3 Beckwith, Richard Wayne  25 Nov 2020Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2662
4 Boyd, Eva Leila  17 Dec 1940Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I7249
5 Briggs, Thomas Bryan  10 Sep 2020Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8410
6 Burton, Kenneth Laird  7 Jan 2018Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10068
7 Carty, Florence Mae  Jan 1919Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15127
8 Carty, John N.  10 Jan 1919Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15124
9 Carty, Minnie E.  10 Jan 1919Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15125
10 Clarke, Brenda Jean  28 Jun 2012Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8868
11 Croft, Ronald Edmond  14 Jul 1994Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I12271
12 Davison, Henry A.  26 Jun 1916Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15009
13 Davison, William  2 Mar 1910Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13656
14 Fitzgerald, Melbourne  16 Feb 1927Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15115
15 Fitzgerald, Morton Lewis  6 Feb 1949Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15133
16 Frizzle, Isabella  3 Dec 1925Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9971
17 Guptill, Clyde Richard  4 Sep 2019Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4521
18 Hall, William Nelson VC  27 Aug 1904Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I32
19 Henshaw, Gloria Jean  2 Sep 2019Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10142
20 Hutchinson, Peleamon Lawrence  7 Jul 1954Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I16266
21 Jackson, Benjamin B.  24 Apr 1869Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13592
22 King, William Douglas  3 May 1949Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5203
23 Lemon, Charles  5 Apr 1917Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13540
24 Lockhart, Ada Florence  30 Nov 1910Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13539
25 Lockhart, Nathan Albert  15 Nov 1893Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I15014
26 McCarthy, Garnet Romaine  7 Apr 1996Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5565
27 McNeil, Michael Edward  26 Mar 2015Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I7891
28 Mitchner, Ezra  8 Aug 1917Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13117
29 Morton, Earl Kinsman  4 Dec 2013Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6690
30 Parker, Harriet  10 May 1876Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11917
31 Patten, William  14 Dec 1868Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11925
32 Pitts, David Earl  12 Aug 2017Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6303
33 Rand, Eunice Matilda  13 Apr 1903Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13657
34 Schofield, Russell Maynard  29 Sep 1989Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5309
35 Shaw, Frederick James  21 Oct 2002Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6755
36 Sisco, Margaret Elizabeth  17 Dec 1953Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8420
37 Spencer, Freda Mae  20 Jun 2010Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4807
38 Spencer, Winnifred Mae  20 Feb 2012Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10140
39 Steele, John Arthur  20 Jun 2012Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4510
40 Tracey, Charles Robert  3 Mar 1941Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10114
41 Tracey, Frederick Ashley  15 Oct 1976Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10117
42 Vaughan, Beverly Mildred  17 May 2012Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10298
43 Voye, Edward Charles  8 Apr 1874Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13
44 Walker, Roger Francis  21 Sep 2000Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I7514
45 West, Brandon Jeremy  2 Apr 2020Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11579
46 Wild, Mary Anne  25 Jun 1936Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1635


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beckwith / Hutchinson  1 Jan 1903Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F868
2 Caldwell / Poulson  16 Jan 1869Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5171
3 Coldwell / Rathburn  28 Jul 1915Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5484
4 Dorman / Hutchinson  31 Mar 1898Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F95
5 Dowe / Fitzgerald  3 Apr 1935Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5293
6 Fitzgerald / Carty  15 Aug 1912Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5436
7 Hutchinson / Lockhart  26 Nov 1885Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F81
8 Hutchinson / Walton  20 Dec 1905Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5697
9 McBurnie / Huntley  1 Aug 1907Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5282
10 McBurnie / Simm Reynolds  18 Jun 1916Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5283
11 Purdy / West  21 Dec 1937Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F713
12 Sisco / Neil  21 Aug 1939Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F2990
13 Taylor / Smith  19 Aug 1908Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F4742
14 Tracey / Hutchinson  14 Jul 1910Lockhartville, Kings, Nova Scotia F5294