Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Latitude: 44.6660885, Longitude: -63.5675631


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Rev. Arthur Frederick  30 May 1882Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I14433
2 Bissett, Ella May  9 May 1894Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I8741
3 Chittick, John S.  Abt 1838Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I13050
4 Chittick, John W.  23 Apr 1867Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I13060
5 Chittick, Martha  Abt 1842Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I13051
6 Cleworth, Constance Joyce  29 May 1919Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I7738
7 Creighton, Charles Jacob  Abt 1914Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I14761
8 Lantz, Verna Lilian  25 Jan 1920Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I11416
9 Lantz, Verna Lilian  25 Jan 1920Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I11417
10 Leadley, Ella Almour  Abt 1883Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I14593
11 Loner, Charles Edward  28 Sep 1912Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I5287
12 Love, George Harry James  4 Jun 1923Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I5319
13 Moir, Hilda May  14 Jan 1927Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I11415
14 Pentz, Frederick Edwin  4 Dec 1862Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I2086
15 Rayne, Earle Kitchner  Abt 1916Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I6440
16 Sircom, Cecil Randolph  26 Feb 1894Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I7489
17 Sircom, Col. George Churchill  1890Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I6872


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Annand, Susan Landells  24 Apr 1949Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I12135
2 Baker, Judson  20 Feb 1931Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I14432
3 Brown, Charles Cowley  15 Oct 1924Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I12881
4 Chittick, Francis Johnston  1899Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I13053
5 Chittick, Joseph  1 Feb 1928Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I13055
6 Chittick, Samuel Thomas  6 Mar 1888Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I9313
7 Comstock, Kathlyn May  19 Sep 2015Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I3508
8 Coolen, Douglas Crayden  31 Oct 2020Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I8996
9 Corkum, Jeanette Josephine  1 Jan 1927Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I14431
10 Cormack, Martha  10 Dec 1888Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I13057
11 Creighton, Charles Jacob  2 Mar 1995Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I14761
12 Cummins, James Anson  7 Aug 1993Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I13229
13 Hughes, Mary Louis  29 Dec 2007Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I4649
14 Jackson, Georgina  1 Jul 1936Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I13590
15 Lynch, Dorothy  26 Jun 2004Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I9031
16 MacKinlay, Gwendolyn Eva  15 Nov 2019Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I1549
17 McInnis, Beatrice Thelma  15 Mar 1994Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I10958
18 Pinch, Gordon L.  16 Jan 1995Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I9026
19 Porter, Capt. Lockhart  3 Apr 1926Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I15596
20 Riley, Erma June  19 Sep 2007Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I1910
21 Ross, Gertrude Viola  12 Apr 2021Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I16004
22 Russell, Nita Christine  30 Oct 2009Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I10461
23 Ryan, Evelyn  27 Nov 2010Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I1265
24 Safire, William Robert  14 Oct 2008Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I8412
25 Salter, Maxine N.  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I4030
26 Shankel, Mary Elizabeth  9 Aug 1998Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I5941
27 Shaw, Annie Maude  17 Nov 1954Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I10026
28 Smith, Frederick Kinsman  24 Sep 1991Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I4208
29 Starratt, Audrey Agatha  20 Jan 2014Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I9573
30 Stevens, Charles Wymere  8 Apr 2015Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I11761
31 Wilcox, Noel Howard  26 Jul 1932Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I15772
32 Worthen, Mary Aileen  13 Mar 2002Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I9736
33 Wyman, Shirley Lois  24 Apr 2006Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I5930
34 Yeaton, Mary Maxine  3 Sep 2017Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I2985


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chittick / Cormack  15 Jul 1868Dartmouth, Nova Scotia F4544
2 Chittick / Davison  17 May 1871Dartmouth, Nova Scotia F3321
3 Gunn / Bissett  10 Sep 1924Dartmouth, Nova Scotia F3130