Nova Scotia, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah Jane  Abt 1826Nova Scotia, Canada I27
2 Barker, Rupert  1779Nova Scotia, Canada I735
3 Barker, William  1777Nova Scotia, Canada I733
4 Burton, William A  1868Nova Scotia, Canada I879
5 Chandler, Benjamin  11 Aug 1804Nova Scotia, Canada I750
6 Chandler, Rebecca  1812Nova Scotia, Canada I752
7 Churchill, Frederick Chesley  26 May 1879Nova Scotia, Canada I692
8 Churchill, Gordon Parker  11 Jan 1884Nova Scotia, Canada I694
9 Davis, Ray  Jan 1894Nova Scotia, Canada I8
10 Davison, Clara  1861Nova Scotia, Canada I897
11 Davison, Eliza Jane  Apr 1846Nova Scotia, Canada I890
12 Folker, Gertrude Clara  1 Sep 1889Nova Scotia, Canada I39
13 Lockhart, James  Nov 1910Nova Scotia, Canada I243
14 Messenger, Mary Ardelis  25 Jul 1845Nova Scotia, Canada I689
15 Newcomb, Lockhart  1872Nova Scotia, Canada I192
16 Potter, Joseph  1829Nova Scotia, Canada I1738
17 Redden, Dennis  1813Nova Scotia, Canada I1764
18 Redden, Robert  1810Nova Scotia, Canada I1763
19 Reed, Evangeline  Jun 1865Nova Scotia, Canada I70
20 Robinson, Willaim Henry  Jul 1837Nova Scotia, Canada I1350
21 Rouse, Eliza J.  Jul 1839Nova Scotia, Canada I1351
22 Silver, Annie  1867Nova Scotia, Canada I1328
23 Simpson, Catherine Elizabeth  8 Apr 1859Nova Scotia, Canada I1347
24 Tingley, Joseph Benjamin  Mar 1851Nova Scotia, Canada I69
25 Toye, Ralph Edwin  1885Nova Scotia, Canada I1822
26 Voye, Charles  1864Nova Scotia, Canada I12
27 Voye, Elizabeth M.  Aug 1882Nova Scotia, Canada I21
28 Voye, George  Abt 1867Nova Scotia, Canada I15
29 Voye, Juliette  Abt 1859Nova Scotia, Canada I46
30 Watson, Judith  1747Nova Scotia, Canada I1742
31 West, Joshua  1821Nova Scotia, Canada I651
32 Wilkins, William  1849Nova Scotia, Canada I653
33 Woodworth, Joseph Edward  29 Jun 1876Nova Scotia, Canada I700
34 Woodworth, Todd Campbell  Jun 1874Nova Scotia, Canada I699
35 Woolaver, Fanny  Abt 1880Nova Scotia, Canada I721
36 Woolaver, Harry Brenton  3 Mar 1877Nova Scotia, Canada I66
37 Woolaver, John Rufus  24 Aug 1845Nova Scotia, Canada I716
38 Woolaver, Stanley  Abt 1887Nova Scotia, Canada I722
39 Yeaton, Ethel L  1880Nova Scotia, Canada I2876
40 Yeaton, George Aubrey  1878Nova Scotia, Canada I2875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barker, Rebecca  Jun 1825Nova Scotia, Canada I743
2 Churchill, Violet Vivian  13 Dec 1960Nova Scotia, Canada I695
3 Currie, Cecil Ross  16 Oct 1983Nova Scotia, Canada I36
4 DAVISON, Rebecca  22 Dec 1863Nova Scotia, Canada I644
5 Lawrence, Francis  18 Mar 1847Nova Scotia, Canada I1178
6 Lawrence, Francis  1871Nova Scotia, Canada I1783
7 Lawrence, Henry  Nova Scotia, Canada I1743
8 Lawrence, Margaret Elizabeth  1856Nova Scotia, Canada I1745
9 Redden, Patrick  15 Sep 1887Nova Scotia, Canada I1760


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Churchill / Burgess  1855Nova Scotia, Canada F435
2 Potter / Toye  1850Nova Scotia, Canada F579