Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arenburg, Claude Livingstone  Abt 1910Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2500
2 Arenburg, Margaret Rose  4 Feb 1948Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2505
3 Boyd, Albert St. Clair  Abt 1911Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2951
4 Boyd, Carolyn Rebecca  Abt 1974Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8663
5 Burgher, Darren Neil  Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3093
6 Burton, Frederick Landry  Abt 1916Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I881
7 Coburn, Donald Arthur  13 Nov 1951Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9687
8 Coburn, George Richard  18 Nov 1950Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9686
9 Croft, Loraine William  Abt 1942Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3613
10 Cross, Bernard E.  Abt 1909Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3628
11 DeAdder, Lila Delphine  1930Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1106
12 Folker, Nola Ellen  1952Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1107
13 Green, Stanton George  Abt 1919Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4423
14 Jodrey, Thomas Alexander  Abt 1949Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1604
15 Kilcup, Margaret Elma  Abt 1909Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9169
16 Kilcup, Mary Alice  12 Nov 1915Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3769
17 Miller, Clara May Burbidge  Abt 1880Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1309
18 Morgan, Susan M.  Abt 1875Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2483
19 Myles, Phillip Anthony  29 Aug 1965Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11510
20 Rafuse, Chad Franklin Eugene  Abt 1976Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10426
21 Semenick, Glenda Rose  21 Apr 1952Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I12262
22 Sheffield, Quentin Michael  25 Jan 2000Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6809
23 Turner, Percy Raymond  Abt 1891Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8897
24 Vaughan, Beverly Mildred  Abt 1942Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10298
25 Wood, Alice Rebecca  Abt 1880Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1367
26 Woodworth, Gail  30 Jul 1936Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, William  17 Jul 2010Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10766
2 Amos, Dolores Elizabeth  29 Nov 2017Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11725
3 Anderson, Alastair  15 Dec 2018Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3622
4 Atwell, Gordon Perry  30 Jul 2013Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2551
5 Baines, Mildred Nita  15 Sep 1998Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I7608
6 Barbour, William Andrew  10 Feb 2013Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10853
7 Barkhouse, Aileen Florence  11 Mar 2014Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2791
8 Barkhouse, Clement Howard  6 Aug 2005Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9428
9 Barkhouse, Clyde Edward  9 Sep 1981Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9425
10 Barkhouse, Edward  1922Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I13494
11 Beckwith, John Raymond  17 Apr 1997Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2670
12 Beckwith, Samuel Stephen  2 Jun 2006Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2684
13 Bell, Mabel Elizabeth  21 Jun 2017Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8070
14 Bellefontaine, Mary Christina  20 May 1997Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9394
15 Benedict, Austin H.  26 May 2015Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10305
16 Benedict, Robert Charles  4 Aug 2006Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5073
17 Bishop, Hedley Vicars Rand  8 May 1967Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10472
18 Bishop, Marianne Jean  7 Sep 1982Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1646
19 Bosworth, Tanya Lea  7 May 2019Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4913
20 Bowser, Jack Cornelius  29 May 1994Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2938
21 Boyd, Larry Owen  17 Dec 2010Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I8661
22 Boyd, Richard Henry  3 Nov 2001Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9579
23 Brook, Claude Henry  18 Dec 2019Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11016
24 Browne, Shirley A.  19 Nov 2001Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3610
25 Burgher, Darren Neil  8 Feb 2018Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3093
26 Burgher, Neil Eric  29 Sep 1996Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3086
27 Burton, John Frederick  27 Aug 2000Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I875
28 Bush, James Carrol  17 Nov 1989Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3136
29 Caldwell, Chauncey Alcott  27 Jul 1991Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3185
30 Carey, Barbara Louise  9 Jan 2012Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10087
31 Chipman, Dorothy  7 Oct 2012Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3243
32 Clowry, Muriel Kathleen  27 Nov 2016Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4520
33 Cochrane, Maude Eleanor  17 Apr 1982Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4676
34 Coffill, Lorne Sherburne  28 Jan 2005Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3372
35 Cohoon, Peter William  28 Jan 2013Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1660
36 Colby, Ralph W.  5 Jan 2000Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2766
37 Coldwell, Charles Lewis  29 Jun 2002Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I235
38 Coldwell, John David  31 Dec 2017Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11027
39 Coldwell, Murray E  26 May 2014Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11034
40 Coldwell, Richard Lee  12 Jun 2016Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3466
41 Cowan, Dorothy Ann  18 Jan 2005Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I9324
42 Crewe, Allan  9 Jan 2011Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11044
43 Croft, Maynard Donald  20 Dec 2013Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I11051
44 Cross, Bernard E.  11 Feb 1988Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3628
45 Crossley, Helen Rosamund  2 Dec 1986Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5281
46 Davison, James Medford  11 Apr 1998Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2109
47 Davison, Robert Paul  5 Sep 2013Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3771
48 DeAdder, Lila Delphine  17 Feb 2017Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1106
49 Dewar, Walter Lovett  11 Jul 1991Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1898
50 Dorman, Everett Russell  12 May 1995Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I3872

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brown, Charles Cowley  Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia I12881


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allard / Brown  16 Feb 1942Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F658
2 Arenburg / Meisner  5 Jan 1903Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F813
3 Barnaby / Huntley  16 Sep 1937Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F865
4 Cohoon / Miles  10 Jun 1911Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1145
5 Dowe / Nowlan  26 Mar 1926Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1341
6 Eddy / Spinney  20 Oct 1932Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1351
7 England / Delahunt  24 Nov 1924Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3218
8 Harvie / Hudson  25 Jun 1919Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F385
9 Pulsifer / Houghton  23 Sep 1942Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1652
10 Smith / Toney  1 Jul 1936Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F627
11 Strum / King  12 Apr 1939Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F1706
12 Toney / Peters  17 Feb 1931Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia F4447