Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barker, Elizabeth  1821Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I176
2 Barkhouse, Laura May  1892Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I5776
3 Baxter, Ruth S.  Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I4056
4 Benedict, Alfred Wilson  10 Feb 1923Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I3669
5 Benedict, Edward William  Abt 1928Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I2699
6 Benedict, Flora Elizabeth  Abt 1898Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I3670
7 Benedict, Howard Arthur  14 May 1931Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I10913
8 Benedict, Mary Elizabeth  28 May 1917Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I2100
9 Benedict, Russell Henry  25 Sep 1890Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I2111
10 Bennett, Emma  Abt 1869Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I8972
11 Borden, Arthur W.  28 Nov 1860Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I179
12 Borden, Ellen  8 Jan 1862Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I180
13 Borden, John B.  1801Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I177
14 Borden, Lewis Toye  2 Apr 1866Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I184
15 Borden, Virginia Toye  25 Nov 1863Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I182
16 Boyd, Madelyn Olive  28 Feb 1922Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1467
17 Davison, Anna  3 Mar 1810Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I904
18 Davison, Asa  7 Jan 1781Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I636
19 Davison, Asa  24 Jan 1813Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I905
20 Davison, Edward Lee  8 Nov 1811Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I640
21 Davison, Elias  5 Nov 1807Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I902
22 Davison, Mary Jane  15 May 1806Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I80
23 Davison, Robert  18 Dec 1804Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I900
24 Elder, Samuel F.  12 Aug 1786Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I9796
25 Elder, Sarah Irene  Abt 1840Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I9794
26 Eldridge, Glenna Pearl  24 Jun 1937Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6766
27 Eldridge, Paul Weston  Abt 1930Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1706
28 Ells, Helen Madeleine  Abt 1920Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I3723
29 Jackson, Edmund  29 Mar 1857Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I8793
30 Lantz, Bertha Jean  2 Oct 1924Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I2636
31 Lawrence, Emma Jane  1862Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1814
32 Lawrence, Hubert Watson  4 Oct 1875Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1817
33 Lawrence, William  1833Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1805
34 Lockhart, James A.  Abt 1885Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I5064
35 Loomer, Earle Raymond  Abt 1907Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1489
36 MacDonald, Eva Alice Vesta  3 Dec 1931Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I3664
37 MacDonald, Mary  1805Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1803
38 Martin, Charles  21 Oct 1812Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I10875
39 Martin, David Harris  7 Dec 1813Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I10840
40 Northup, Elizabeth  17 Fev 1766Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I10874
41 Overson, Verna Ethel  16 Jul 1915Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I7196
42 Patterson, George William  Abt 1917Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6102
43 Patterson, Gerald Edward  Abt 1921Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6096
44 Patterson, James Clifford  Abt 1897Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6139
45 Patterson, John Alfred  Abt 1884Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6097
46 Patterson, Martha Helen  8 Feb 1911Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6100
47 Patterson, Mary Ellen  Abt 1912Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6099
48 Patterson, Samuel Lewis  Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I10829
49 Payzant, Lilly  4 Feb 1899Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I584
50 Peach, Arthur Burton  Abt 1887Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I2360

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Lawrence, Francis G.  1781Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1747
2 Lawrence, Hannah  1781Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1746
3 Lawrence, James  1786Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1748
4 Lawrence, Robert  1795Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1751
5 Lawrence, Sarah  1792Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1750


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Akin, Margaret Helena  17 Mar 2012Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I10067
2 Bailey, E. M.  27 Nov 2018Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I8097
3 Blue, Marc Rubert  26 May 2009Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I2845
4 Bowie, Pauline Florette  4 Dec 2011Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I9790
5 Cochran, Verna Marie  17 Oct 2018Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I2200
6 Davison, Timothy  14 Apr 1826Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I2119
7 Dixon, Doreen Jean  27 Mar 2015Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I2304
8 Durland, Evelyn Blanche  10 Jul 2018Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I8139
9 Eddy, Lawrence William  11 Oct 2014Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I3972
10 Ells, Bernita Norma  1 Apr 2013Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I3729
11 Hunt, Audrey Clare  8 Feb 2000Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I787
12 Hutchinson, Jean Gertrude  1 Jun 2013Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I8486
13 Johnson, William  24 Sep 1836Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I10198
14 Kenny, George Edward  9 Jan 2016Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I7798
15 Kilcup, Rachel Josephine  7 Feb 1934Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1418
16 Kyle, Shirley Lee  13 Nov 2016Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I5039
17 Lockhart, Effie Beatrice  4 Apr 2013Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6738
18 MacIntosh, Ethel  6 Mar 2019Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I4216
19 Northup, Elizabeth  14 Jul 1783Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I10874
20 Northup, Hortense Elizabeth  27 Jul 1912Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I2877
21 Pitts, Robert Frederick  6 May 2012Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6156
22 Porter, Mabel Frances  1976Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1465
23 Porter, Olive Marie  4 Apr 2014Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1461
24 Rooney, Arthur Foster  19 Sep 2011Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6604
25 Rooney, Minnie Ida  4 Dec 2016Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6607
26 Rooney, Myrtle Evelyn  24 Mar 2016Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6606
27 Scott, Cecil Robert  11 Jan 2010Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1504
28 Selby, James Henry  15 Jan 2016Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I6753
29 Stewart, Olla  29 Oct 2011Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I1224
30 Stoddard, Kathryn Laura  4 Dec 2019Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I10997
31 Tracey, Bertha Marion  27 Nov 2012Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I7392
32 Vaughan, Ida Mae  7 Oct 2017Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I322
33 Vaughan, Shirley Seva  1 Aug 2019Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I7370
34 Watson, Nellie Laura  13 Nov 2012Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia I9492


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beaver / Morgan  7 Dec 1937Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F3157
2 Churchill / Smith  28 Apr 1915Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F2609
3 Dorman / Bennett  8 Sep 1892Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F3203
4 Eldridge / Patterson  4 Jan 1905Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F1355
5 Martin / Northup  1778Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F3868
6 Patterson / Beaver  2 Feb 1910Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F2091
7 Payzant / Vaughan  13 Oct 1898Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F417
8 Peach / Nowe  29 Mar 1906Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F2116
9 Pearson / Greene  3 Jul 1935Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F2130
10 Salter / Sullivan  26 Oct 1899Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F3392
11 Sandford / Magee  23 Dec 1939Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F2282
12 Smith / Duncanson  15 Jul 1891Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F2606
13 Zinck / Benedict  13 Jun 1923Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia F1235