Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beckwith, Ida Marie  6 Feb 1914Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4300
2 Beckwith, Sadie Belle  Abt 1907Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4303
3 Bezanson, Eva Mary  Abt 1918Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2265
4 Bezanson, Hazel Maud  1925Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2266
5 Bishop, Ernest Lamont  Abt 1891Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10632
6 Bishop, Myrna Clare  21 Jun 1923Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10750
7 Bishop, Nina May  2 Sep 1873Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10624
8 Bishop, Odessa  Abt 1876Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10625
9 Greene, Marjorie Vera  17 Jun 1916Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6203
10 Greene, Muriel Reta  4 Oct 1918Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6214
11 Greene, Robert George  Abt 1913Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I6212
12 Newcomb, Rowena Frances  Abt 1927Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5950
13 Patterson, Arthur Edwill  18 Jan 1927Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I1848
14 Starratt, Janet Sylvia Shirley  20 Dec 1936Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2438
15 Vaughan, Arthur Harden  17 Oct 1926Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I7371
16 Vaughan, James Jacob  13 Sep 1896Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I7358


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beckwith, Sadie Belle  17 Aug 2010Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4303
2 Crowell, Laurie Reginald  22 Dec 2007Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I2270
3 Fuller, Margaret J.  16 Oct 1888Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10518
4 Hiltz, Dale Gordon  20 Oct 2016Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4709
5 Lutz, Whitney Boyd  22 Dec 2004Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I5340
6 O\'Brien, Richard Joseph  30 Jul 2010Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10423
7 Paul, Gerald James  5 Oct 2009Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I4560
8 Payzant, Allen Godfrey  16 Jul 1963Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I588
9 Rafuse, Chad Franklin Eugene  27 Apr 2015Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia I10426


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Croft / Bishop  25 Jan 1893Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3787
2 Greene / Joy  2 Feb 1935Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3235
3 Joy / Greene  2 Feb 1935Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia F2135
4 Wile / Beckwith  18 Mar 1893Bishopville, Kings, Nova Scotia F3808