New Hantsport Stories

  1. Wreck of the “G. B. Lockhart” 1906
  2. My Memories of the DAR by John Harvie
  3. HHS Coronation Issue 1937

Many additions to the Hantsport School page including “Class Day and Graduating Exercises June 1938 with a Quinquennial Report of Hantsport Public Schools 1933-1938”, “Class Day and Graduating Exercises June 30 1939”, HHS Year Book 1939, General Registers 1939/40, and a copy of the Program from the Opening of the New School 1961.

Added place holder for history of Mount Denson United (formerly Methodist) Church

Added photos for all headstones in Section 10 of Hantsport Riverbank Cemetery to Find-A-Grave website.

Continued additions and updates to Hantsport Families